Supporting Our Veterans

The VZ Environmental team is grateful to all military veterans. We count it a privilege to employ 5 veterans across our locations.

  • Sean Kinkle – United States Air Force
  • Chris Moya – United States Army
  • Paul Dunlap – United States Navy
  • Alex Ferris – United States Navy
  • Eric Hernandez – United States Army

Just as many companies across our nation we are recognizing them in our own way within VZ Environmental for Veterans Day. We encourage you, at the very least, to say “thank you” to the veterans you know or see. Maybe even consider these ways to express appreciation to veterans that go beyond words and move to action.

A simple and symbolic way we can all show support to the veterans in our communities is to participate in the Greenlight A Vet campaign. Change one light to green in a visible location on your porch, in your home, or at your office and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of appreciation and support for our veterans.

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