STAY CONTAINED™ is an initiative that recognizes companies in the oil and gas industry who are making responsible decisions toward take actions to display their commitment to environmental stewardship.


Corporations that demonstrate a committed culture to containing their own environmental footprint can have profound impact on others they encounter. Sharing these environmental habits also expedites change in other organizations.

Through these expressed efforts, corporate culture in an entire community evolves and thus environmental stewards are born. Corporate culture drives change.

Changing Business. Changing Environment.

Environmental sustainability encourages businesses to look at the long term impact they have on the natural world. By turning to new technologies, new processes, or new products, businesses are finding ways to conduct business in a more environmentally responsible way.

Collectively, these new standard operating processes, large or small, are making a positive contribution to the sustainability of our environment.

Environmental Stewards Initiative

VZ Environmental's STAY CONTAINED™ initiative recognizes companies in the oil and gas industry for their commitment toward environmental sustainability.

As an industry leader in environmental stewardship, each organization utilizes specialized technologies and techniques such as spill containment, dust containment and pipe restraint devices. By doing so, they have demonstrated the key qualifications for inclusion in this initiative.

How Do Companies "STAY CONTAINED"?

  • Actively displaying a commitment to contain their environmental footprint through the use of technologies, equipment, techniques and processes.
  • Meeting or exceeding state and federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Making safety and environmental sustainability a key part of their core values in their standard operating procedures and in corporate mission goals.
  • Demonstrate themselves as industry leaders in observing and establishing safety and environmental best practices.
  • Proactively work with communities in which they live and operate to encourage environmental stewardship in others.
  • Recognizing their obligation to protect our environment, public health and communities.
  • Executing high safety standards and environmental stewardship.
Oilfield Drip and Spill Containment Initiative