Flow Line Safety Restraints, also referred to as FSR, Red Iron Slings©, Temporary Pipe Restraints and Weir SPM©, reduce the risk of costly damage, injury and death to workers at oil and gas well sites.

Well producers and service providers know that flow lines can fail. It can be from excessive pressure, faulty connections, worn components, trauma to the piping connections, or other factors. The consequences of a flow line failure can be devastating. A professionally installed Flow Line Safety Restraint System by VZ Environmental will offer a peace of mind for producers and well service providers seeking to create a safe well site.

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VZ Environmental has strategic office and oilfield service yard locations to efficiently service customers in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Dynamic oilfield pipe restraints provide employee protection in event of blowout
VStraintz Dynamic Pipe Restraints

VStraintz are a flow line safety restraint system designed to greatly reduce the chance of projectiles in the event of flow line rupture. Our technicians are trained in proper installation techniques.

VZ Environmental's goal is to maintain a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). The safety or our workers and others at the sites we service is fundamental.

Our Safety Director, Gerald Forrest, maintains on-going safety training and certification for all oilfield services employees and VZ Environmental is rated with all major safety rating companies. This includes Avetta, ComplyWorks, DISA Global Solutions, ISNetworld, PEC Safety and SafeLand USA.

VZ Environmental's commitment to quality is recognized within the Oil and Gas industry.

  • "Excellence in Health and Safety Products" award.
  • "Specialty Industry Supplier of the Year" award.
  • Cover article in Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor.
  • Featured article in Fort Worth Business Press.
  • Panel Speaker on "Leadership Ideas in the Oil & Gas Industry".
Union Connection Safety Restraints

Union Connections

One "Rib" is installed at each union connection of the flow line.

The "Rib" is positioned to mount the restraint loop on each side of the union connection. This serves to provide containment to the pipe or flow line components adjoined at the union connection in the event of a separation.

Flow Line Component Safety Restraint

Flow Line Components

Two "Ribs" are installed at each flow line component of the flow line.

Just as with a single union connection that has a single restraint looped on each side of the union connection, the flow line components get this treatment on each connection of the flow line component.

Long Piping Assembly Safety Restraints

Long Piping Assemblies

Where a 10' or longer pipe assembly exists in the flow line without a union connector a "Rib" is installed halfway between the long pipe's union connections.

This additional "Rib" has shown to provide extra support for the long pipe assembly in the event of a failure.

Swivel Assembly Safety Restraint

Swivel Assemblies

"Ribs" are installed at each union connection of a swivel assembly as well as on the articulation joint. The resulting installation uses a minimum of three "Ribs" for each swivel assembly.

Our inventory of flow line safety restraints is company owned which ensures our installation team is able to inspect and maintain them properly.

While restraints can be installed multiple times for different jobs, any restraint that has been subjected to any load or shows signs of damage or wear are taken out of inventory immediately and destroyed.

We perform a visual inspection of each component before every use. Additionally, we adhere to the manufacturers requirement of an annual inspection by a manufacturer technician.

Restraints are safety inspected
Safety Restraint Inspection Tag

Identification tags are affixed to each restraint and marked with the date the inspection was performed.