At VZ Environmental, we strive to answer all questions that could possibly arise from viewing our website, however, we realize that questions may still arise. Therefore, in order to best serve you we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and have answered them for you here.

VMatz - Secondary Drip and Spill Containment Units

Do you provide a rental service for your spill containments?
Yes. We provide a complete turn-key solution for our customers, which includes pick-up, delivery, maintenance and storage.
Can you custom design VMatz secondary containments to size my specifications?
Yes. At VZ Environmental, we can custom design to any size specification. Please indicate any unusual specifications in the comments section of your order.
How can I figure the right size VMatz drip containment unit I need?
First measure the footprint size of the equipment you plan to place in the drip pan. Consider the amount of liquid you need to contain should a spill or drip occur from your equipment and the amount of time you need to repair/replace your equipment. Also, consider the amount of space available on the jobsite.
How do I find out more about VZ Environmental's oilfield services?
Call toll-free to 855-927-5759 and ask for "sales."
Can the VMatz drip and spill containment be used with trucks?
Yes. Our VMatz drip and spill containment units have been specially designed to contain drips from trucks and other heavy machinery. The resilient foam support walls will retain their shape even when driven over by vehicles on the jobsite.
Is the VMatz containment liner resistant to hazardous material, oils and fuel?
Yes. All of our units are constructed with high quality vinyl coated polyester and are resistant to oils, fuel, chemicals and other hazardous materials.

VPondz - Frac Pond Water Storage and Containment

Can I order VPondz frac ponds any size with 2' or 4' walls?
Yes. Our VPondz portable frac ponds can be designed to your desired dimensions and we will provide you with the necessary details.
Can I order VPondz for temporary, long-term water retention solutions?
Yes. Just let us know the estimated time frame you will need to rent the equipment and we will provide the necessary details.

VSoxz - Fracing Silica Sand Dust Filter

Can you make my silica dust filter socks to my size specifications?
Yes. VZ Environmental can custom design a VSoxz dust filter sock to fit any size opening. Just call us with your specifications, so that we can give you an accurate quote.
Will a silica dust filter sock extend the loading time for sand trucks?
The filter fabric allows enough positive air flow so that the sand trucks can keep loading at or near the same rates.

We hope that this page has answered any and all of the questions that you had. If by chance, there is still a lingering question or you would like a clearer answer, feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves in our service and would love to hear what you have to say.

VMatz Secondary Spill Containment

All of our VMatz containment units are constructed with high quality vinyl coated polyester and are resistant to oils, fuel, chemicals and other hazardous materials. Our resilient foam support walls are designed to be tough enough to resume their shape even after heavy construction equipment and oil field hoses have been laid upon them.

VPondz Portable Frac Pond

Each VPondz spill containment unit is built with plastic walls and a 36ml, reinforced plastic liner. This puncture resistant reinforced liner also has been selected for its non-skid texture adding extra protection against slips, trips, and falls .

VSoxz Frac Dust Control

VSoxz™ are custom made to fit the open hatches on the top of sand proppant storage equipment (Sand King, Sandflyers, Mountain Movers, Frac Sanders) They allow high positive pressure air to escape while trapping tiny dust particles that typically produce an unhealthy and unsightly cloud commonly occurring on frac sites.