VZ Environmental provides complete turnkey secondary drip and spill containment services on frac sites for oil field service companies and operators. We provide our patented drip and spill containments, called Vmatz™, under frac tanks, chemical totes, fuel trucks, pumps and any other kind of vehicle or equipment.

Company men contracting with VZ Environmental find our quality of service, responsiveness and reliability is first-class. On-site workers interacting with our portable, foam berm wall containments realize the 6" drive over foam walls (which require no staking) are superior to other spill containment mats.

As part of your competitvely priced contract with us, our trained and qualified personnel perform complete rig-up, maintenance and rig-down of the spill containment mats as specified by the customer.

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VZ Environmental Oilfield Services in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma

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VZ Environmental has strategic office and fully staffed oilfield service yard locations to efficiently service customers in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

VMatz Secondary Drip & Spill Containment

VMatz foam berm walled secondary spill and drip containment units provide a reliable method of reducing risks to surface water due to spills or equipment leaking.

VZ Environmental's goal is to maintain a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). The safety or our workers and others at the sites we service is fundamental.

Our Safety Director, Gerald Forrest, maintains on-going safety training and certification for all oilfield services employees and VZ Environmental is rated with all major safety rating companies. This includes Avetta, ComplyWorks, DISA Global Solutions, ISNetworld, PEC Safety and SafeLand USA.

VZ Environmental's commitment to quality is recognized within the Oil and Gas industry.

  • "Excellence in Health and Safety Products" award.
  • "Specialty Industry Supplier of the Year" award.
  • Cover article in Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor.
  • Featured article in Fort Worth Business Press.
  • Panel Speaker on "Leadership Ideas in the Oil & Gas Industry".
VZ Environmental provides quick, efficient rig up services

Rig Up

Our trained personnel will deliver our VMatz and assemble them in the designated location. We will even spot your drivers as they back on to the containments. Once your equipment or vehicle is properly placed on the containment, we will complete the assembly of the VMatz units. The modular design of our patented VMatz containment systems make for quick and easy deployment increasing the efficiency and productivity of your rig up process.

VZ Environmental provides on-site maintenance and repair

On-Site Maintenance

Once the VMatz are in place, you will not need additional personnel to maintain VMatz. Our sturdy, drive-over foam walls will remain in upright and in place throughout the duration or your project. However, if you choose to have a VZ Environmental employee on site during your project, we will be happy to provide a trained, qualified person to respond quickly to your on-site needs - Repairs, vacuum assistance, and clean-up.

VZ Environmental provides quick, efficient rig down services

Rig Down

When you are finished with your project, just give us a call and we will come back to rig down our VMatz. While on-site, our trained personnel will perform our cleaning services so you don't have to. We will also repair and maintain our VMatz equipment so that we continue to provide quality equipment for the next customer's job.

Innovative VMatz™ spill containments are developed and refined through everyday usage in the oil and gas industry. They are made in the United States and protected by US Patent # 8479946 and 8740006 . Patents pending in Canada and Mexico.

VMatz Secondary Drip and Spill Containment mats

US Patent #8479946

Side walls of the tray are supported by removable bolster segments formed of resilient open cell foam members enclosed within sleeves. The bolster segments are wrapped within a flap of material extending from under the side wall of the tray and around the bolster segments to secure them to the side walls. The outer edge or end of the flap is secured to the side wall. The bolstered side walls may be repeatedly driven across by industrial vehicles without harming the bolster or side wall. The modular bolster segments may be removed and easily stacked, and the tray folded and rolled into a compact modular form, for transport, storage, and reuse of the portable containment tray.

Integrity. Reliability.

Qualities you consider when choosing an oilfield services company to perform secondary spill containment services on your frac site.

If your current or potential provider is using spill containment mats that boast the VMatz patented feature...but don't display the VMatz logo and patent numbers then it's likely they are using a VMatz knock-off and infringing upon the patents we've been granted.

Want To Be Sure?

If you have any questions regarding the secondary spill containment mats on your job site please contact us or call 855.927.5759.