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Turnkey spill containment, frac pond, restraint services in 8 shale plays.

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Light tower rentals, Emergency shower & eyewash trailer rentals

Light Towers - Safety Shower/Eye Wash - Vacuum - Power Wash

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stay contained on frac sites

Minimize complaints about fluid spills and airborne dust particles.

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purchase secondary spill containments

VMatz™ Drip/Spill and VSoxz™ Silica Dust Filter products for sale.

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Oilfield spill containment and rental products service area

Oilfield Specialty Industry Suppler of the YearAwarded the 2013 Specialty Industry Supplier of the Year by Oil and Gas Awards.

As we were developing our patented, innovative, modular, foam berm secondary spill containment systems we knew we were on to a great idea. We are grateful that our customers and the Oil and Gas industry agree.

environmental stewardship when fracing At VZ Environmental, we make health, safety and environmental protection our highest priority. We provide our customers reliable solutions and services that minimize their environmental footprint and reduce the surface impact of their operations.

We are committed to the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, and communities.

Carol Van Zandt Jones owner of VZ Environmental
Carol Van Zandt Jones

"When I was laid off, all my skills were in one industry. My customers were telling me, 'If you build these things, I'll buy them. I need them.'"

Carol Van Zandt Jones was challenged by a customer to find a simple method to contain liquid spills in the oil and gas industry.

Carol partnered with equipment supplier Mark Matson to design a drive-over foam bermed containment membrane to capture and dispose of drips and spills on oil and gas sites.

The containment mat, patented as VMatz™, not only met the customer's needs, it became the first unique product supplied by VZ Environmental

Jones started the business out of her home with two employees and a goal to help oil and gas operators minimize their impact on the environment.

Today, we provide equipment nationwide, service areas in five states and have plans for further domestic and international expansion. With over 80 years of collective oil and gas experience, our management and sales team confidently leads VZ Environmental's employees safely to execute our missions.

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rent emergency shower and eyewash trailers

Emergency Shower & Eyewash

Combination Safety Shower and Emergency Eyewash trailers provide full-body drench and eye-flush.

Light Tower Rentals

Light Towers

Our Light Tower rental services offer 8kW or 20kW trailer-mounted, portable lighting solutions.

Power Wash Trailer Rentals

Power Wash

Available as full-service or single and multi-day rental. 550- and 1000-gallon capacity - heat, steam and soap options.

Vacuum Trailer Rentals

Vacuum Trailers

Available as full-service or single and multi-day rental. Diesel fueled engine. 500-gallon collection tank. Mounted pressure washer.