VZ Environmental Featured in Vac-Tron Equipment in Action Video Series

VZ Environmental is an innovative leader in secondary drip and spill containment for the oil and gas industry. Carol Van Zandt, owner of VZ Environmental, was challenged by a customer to find a simple method to contain liquid spills in the oil and gas industry. Carol partnered with an equipment supplier to design a drive-over foam bermed containment membrane (VMatz™) to capture and dispose of drips and spills on oil and gas sites. Vac-Tron Industrial Vacuum & Hydro Excavator VZ utilizes a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator to clean up the spill from the containment membrane for proper disposal. Today, VZ Environmental […]

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Eagle Ford Shale Drilling & Fracing Time-lapse Video

There’s a saying that “things are bigger in Texas”. We Texans believe it to be true. There is no disputing that the Gas and Oil industry is BIG in Texas and makes a significant contribution to the states economy. A large area of Texas is home to active shale plays that are drilled for their oil and gas deposits. Those of us that live in the city areas with active shale plays see the familiar temporary, square-walled structures go up during the process. Most cities and companies involved desire to make the project as non-disruptive as possible to the community. […]

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VZ Environmental Is The Specialty Industry Supplier of the Year

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” Tom Peters What a great mindset to have! This is truly a characteristic of Carol Van Zandt Jones and what has led a ‘stay-at-home’ mom to develop a drip and spill containment oilfield services company from an ‘opportunity’ to receiving the prestigious 2013 Specialty Industry Supplier of the Year Award by the Oil & Gas Awards in just three short years. […]

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