Committed to Oilfield Safety Secondary Drip and Spill Containment

VZ Environmental's drip spill and dust containment solutions assist our customer's proactive efforts to promote "greener" standard practices in the oil and gas industry.

Carol Van Zandt Jones was challenged by a customer to find a simple method to contain liquid spills in the oil and gas industry.

Carol partnered with equipment supplier Mark Matson to design a drive-over foam bermed containment membrane to capture and dispose of drips and spills on oil and gas sites. The containment mat, patented as VMatz™, not only met the customer's needs, it became the first unique product supplied by VZ Environmental.

Jones started the business out of her home with two employees and a goal to help oil and gas operators minimize their impact on the environment.


Our VMatz, a patented, drive-over foam bermed containment are used to capture unavoidable drips and spills ultimately protecting nearby surface water resources. This rugged design was developed by the oilfield, for the oilfield. They are durable, reusable, and cost effective. They have bright colored, drive-over foam walls to minimize slips, trips and falls.

Listening and implementing our customers' recommendations has helped us develop our drip, spill and dust containment equipment.

Today, we provide equipment nationwide, service areas in five states and have plans for further domestic and international expansion. With over 80 years of oil and gas experience, our management and sales team confidently leads VZ Environmental's employees safely to execute our missions.