VMatz Spill Containment 5'x10'x6
VMatz Spill Containment 5'x10'x6"

Don't be fooled by rip-offs or imitators! VMatz™ are the original modular, foam berm spill container protected by US Patent # 8479946 and 8740006 . Patents pending in Canada and Mexico.

ITEM #: VMATZ-051006

  • made in usa MADE IN U.S.A.

VMatz™ are award winning drive-over spill and drip containments.

  • Proven and recommended for oilfield, industrial or any heavy commercial usage.
  • Modular design for easy portability and deployment.
  • Bright colored walls for safety awareness and color coded drip pan for sizing differentiation.

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Key Specs

Item # VMATZ-051006 Dimensions 5' x 10' x 6"
Ship Weight 35 lbs Perimeter 30'
Liner Color Tan Volume 25 foot3
# 3' VStixz -- Area 50 foot2
# 4' VStixz 4 Gallon Capacity 187
# 5' VStixz 2 Barrel Capacity 4
# 7' VStixz --

VMatz spill containment systems are a reliable method of reducing the risk to surface water. Developed through suggestions form our VZ Environmental Services customers, the patented VMatz spill containment systems have repeatedly proven to be durable, safe and easy to use.

The key is its revolutionary modular-design!


Never before has a spill containment been as easy to transport, set-up and tear down as the VMatz system.

VMatz containments have two components - Drip Pan Tarp and Foam Stick Walls. Assembled together they form a VMatz. Lightweight components make the whole unit easier to handle. This also creates a more compact storage system which assists with ordinary transportation.

Strong And Durable

All VMatz containment units are constructed with high quality vinyl coated polyester and are resistant to oils, fuel, chemicals and other hazardous materials.


Modular designs are more economical to use because replacement parts are less expensive than the cost of replacing the entire unit.

Foam Wall Technology

The side walls of a VMatz are called VStickz™. These are resilient foam berms enclosed in vinyl coated polyester and can be driven over by heavy equipment without harming the integrity of the spill containment. Foam wall berms are superior to air wall berms and easier to maintain than containment walls staked with brackets. The chemical resistant fabric encasing VStickz provides protection from moisture and preserves the life of the resilient foam.

Safe Design

No metal brackets needed! Bright green or yellow foam walls run continuously along the side of the containment. The chemically resistant fabric is textured to further protect users from slips, trips and falls during use.

These eight Standard Sizes are the most popular. They are in-stock and ready to ship if interested in purchasing.

5' x 5' x 6" VMATZ-050506 2 barrel 21 lbs
8' x 8' x 6" VMATZ-080806 5 barrels42 lbs
12' x 10' x 6" VMATZ-121006 10 barrels 74 lbs
12' x 20' x 6" VMATZ-122006 20 barrels 99 lbs
12' x 30' x 6" VMATZ-123006 30 barrels 137 lbs
12' x 40' x 6" VMATZ-124006 40 barrels 177 lbs
12' x 50' x 6" VMATZ-125006 51 barrels 215 lbs
12' x 60' x 6" VMATZ-126006 61 barrels 255 lbs

VMatz come in 12 Additional Sizes to fit many non-standard needs and are available to ship within 7 days of ordering.

4' x 4' x 6" VMATZ-040406 1 barrel 14 lbs
5' x 10' x 6" VMATZ-051006 4 barrels 35 lbs
12' x 24' x 6" VMATZ-122406 24 barrels 114 lbs
12' x 36' x 6" VMATZ-123606 36 barrels 161 lbs
12' x 50' x 12" VMATZ-125012 102 barrels
15' x 60' x 6" VMATZ-156006 76 barrels 281 lbs
12' x 70' x 6" VMATZ-127006 71 barrels 303 lbs
12' x 80' x 6" VMATZ-128006 81 barrels 330 lbs
15' x 80' x 6" VMATZ-158006 102 barrels 438 lbs
20' x 50' x 6" VMATZ-205006 85 barrels 285 lbs
31' x 51' x 6" VMATZ-315106 134 barrels
31' x 51' x 12" VMATZ-315112 268 barrels

Watch our short VMatz Spill Containment video to see it on a job site.

Innovative VMatz™ spill containments are developed and refined through everyday usage in the oil and gas industry. They are made in the United States and protected by US Patent # 8479946 and 8740006 . Patents pending in Canada and Mexico.

US Patent #8479946

Side walls of the tray are supported by removable bolster segments formed of resilient open cell foam members enclosed within sleeves. The bolster segments are wrapped within a flap of material extending from under the side wall of the tray and around the bolster segments to secure them to the side walls. The outer edge or end of the flap is secured to the side wall. The bolstered side walls may be repeatedly driven across by industrial vehicles without harming the bolster or side wall. The modular bolster segments may be removed and easily stacked, and the tray folded and rolled into a compact modular form, for transport, storage, and reuse of the portable containment tray.

Integrity. Reliability.

Qualities you consider when choosing an oilfield services company to perform secondary spill containment services on your frac site.

If your current or potential provider is using spill containment mats that boast the VMatz patented feature...but don't display the VMatz logo and patent numbers then it's likely they are using a VMatz knock-off and infringing upon the patents we've been granted.

Want To Be Sure?

If you have any questions regarding the secondary spill containment mats on your job site please contact us or call 855.927.5759.